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To look at the reasons why you should buy tickets at the BusStation:
BusStation is a new brand on the market of international carriers. Here you can purchase bus tickets online from Poland to Italy, Greece, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine. In our offer you can also find tickets from Ukraine to Western and Central Europe.

In our offer you can find tickets for travels with the AGAT carrier as well as the Ukrainian carriers, whose main and only sales agent throughout Poland is AGAT.

They are renown carriers, who for years offer their services on the all-year-round routes between Ukraine and Poland. See the standards and conveniences that we have prepared for our passengers.

There is no need to line up in queues any longer! It takes only two minutes to easily buy a ticket via Internet, for any route!

See what makes us special:

The comfort of our travels – air conditioning and Wi-Fi on board!

The AGAT Carrier offers a modern set of coaches, of the makes such as: Volvo, Bova, Mercedes and MAN, who enable all the passengers to travel comfortably: every coach is equipped with air conditioning and seat belts. The coaches traveling on the routes Ukraine – Poland – Ukraine offer the Wi-Fi access (although not all the coaches).

Tickets on your phone – SMS

Why printing tickets?  If during the purchase of a ticket the option ‘tickets via SMS’ will be checked, then the tickets will be sent on a given telephone number in an electronic form. It is the perfect solution for all those who prefer modern features over the traditional, printed tickets.


Purchase without registration

While using the BusStation website there is no need to register and set up your own account. You can purchase your tickets anonymously, only giving your name and surname to process the payment (as well as name and surname for the international passengers). There is no need to give any more information in order to purchase a ticket.

Additional benefits for the registered clients

On BusStation all the clients can decide whether they prefer to buy their tickets anonymously or via a registered account. What benefits gives you an account? The option to resend an SMS ticket, easier ticket reimbursement,  the option to change the date of your departure for free,  the access to the list of your orders as well as various special offers


Change of your departure date free of charge

If you have an account by us and you have purchased a ticket while being logged in, you are entitled to change the date of your departure free of charge (this option is available depending on the route). Your plans have changed? There is no problem – each registered client can change the date of his or her departure one time for free

Resending an SMS ticket

For our registered clients there is an option to send again their electronic tickets. After the purchase is concluded there is an option to resend the tickets on any given number (in order to use this feature the ticket has to be purchased while being logged into your account).


We issue VAT invoices for every purchase

We provide all our clients with a simple mechanism to issue a VAT invoice. They need to fill in the personal data on their own, what enables us to issue an invoice. During the purchase they indicate the type of a desired invoice (whether it is issued for a firm or for a private individual). Invoices as well as other documents are available for download along with the tickets after the purchase is concluded.

Correction of data on a VAT invoice

Every client has a possibility to one time correct the data on his or hers VAT invoice. This option is available under the ‘Edit the invoice data’ section. The original invoice data will be changed with an adjustment note. All the documents are available for download in one PDF file.


Intuitive purchase process

Chcieliśmy, aby wszystkie nasze funkcje oraz interfejs były maksymalnie proste i in a way that every client will be able to easily find any information he or she is looking for.

Lokalizacja przystanków i rozkład jazdy

Our technology enables us to show the schedule of every bus stop in real time, along with its localization. Would you like to know the current times of departure from a certain bus stop? Use our bus stop search engine: zsee > > >



We take care to keep our prices at a low rate. This is why we will publish various promotions and special offers for all our passengers. Each route that will be on a special deal will be marked with a special colour and flag.

Purchase in only 4 stepsh

It takes only 4 steps to purchase a ticket. Simple and intuitive purchase process enables to buy a ticket in less than two minutes. Instead of lining up in queues or wondering if there are any seats available buy your tickets with us and save your time.

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